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Music makes the party.

When it comes to making your event truly special, having great live music is the key. The right band can create an incredible night that your guests will always remember, whereas the wrong band can lead to a night you will quickly want to forget!

The Dave Murphy Band is your best choice because of an unmatched combination of experience, repertoire, professionalism and musicianship. We strive for excellence on a musical and business level in an industry where both are often mutually exclusive. What it means for you is not only a band that performs an incredible range of great music, but a band that has the commitment and knowledge to make your event the best it can possibly be.


The band has performed for more than a decade, and special events are now the mainstay of our work. The experience of over 3000 performances means that we know exactly what it takes to put on a great show. We have seen it all, and take a great deal of advance preparation to make sure every aspect of your event runs smoothly. Our experience allows us to deal with any unexpected problems so your event runs without a hitch.

We have performed all over southern Ontario, and chances are good we have performed your venue on numerous occasions. Above all, our experience at countless special events has taught us that the key ingredient to an amazing party is a great variety of everyone’s favourite songs.

We Work With You To Create the Perfect Event.

Let’s talk about your special event. Whether it is the full band, trio, duo or solo piano we are the perfect fit.

The letters of thanks we regularly receive from our clients are our very best advertising – read them below in the reviews section.


At all times our goal at your event is to get as many people dancing as possible. The real art in making this happen is not only having all the right songs, but knowing exactly when to play them. Never having a predetermined setlist means that we are able to choose the best song at a moment’s notice based on whatever music your guests are enjoying the most. The band’s enormous repertoire spans all of popular music, from the turn of the century to the current century. Our ability to perform jazz with grace and elegance is matched by our ability to rock without compromise, and play everything in between. The result is that guests of every age and background will get to hear the songs they love.


From the moment you first inquire about the band to the moment that a wonderful show has concluded, we are constantly committed to making sure that every facet of your event is professionally taken care of. A successful event involves a great deal of preparation, and we make sure that all your questions are quickly answered and all arrangements are planned in advance. Every detail is discussed and confirmed, giving you peace of mind that your event will be a great success. We arrive early on the day of your event to fully check our sound system before your guests arrive. We use first rate sound and lighting equipment, and our constant aim is to give you quality sound that is never too loud, but just right for dancing and conversation. Whenever the band is offstage we use our stereo equipment to provide you with music throughout your event, including beautiful background music during cocktails and dinner, as well as dance music during band breaks so that the party continues. When the band hits the stage, we exude energy, fun and personality in addition to all the great music. As your host I’m happy to make announcements for you, and I routinely help out with such optional events as draws, prizes and giveaways in a way that is quick, simple and entertaining.  


Even if you have a professional, experienced band playing all the biggest hits, it all means nothing if the songs sound lousy. Great music is the most important aspect of all, and this is where the band truly excels. Our talented musicians perform together constantly, which means that we know our music inside out. And unlike other bands where you often hear far more music than you actually see being performed, we never use computers or backing tracks to artificially enhance our performance. What you always get is great live music, and having first rate musicians means that your favorite songs will always sound just the way you remember them. What enables the band to do such a great job is that we truly love all the different styles of music we play. We are dedicated to our craft, and we are incredibly fortunate to enjoy the most wonderful job imaginable. We love to make music, and it shows; let us show how we can make our music work for you! 


Corporate Events

Take your event to the next level with amazing live music.  A fun night of great music and dancing helps make for an incredibly successful event!

Birthday Parties

Having a band is a great way to make that birthday extra special.  Your friends will really enjoy a fun night of music and dancing to celebrate in style!

Gala Fundraisers

Add at touch of class to your fundraiser with the Dave Murphy Band.  Dancing to live music is the perfect activity to follow dinner.  

Live Karaoke

Everyone loves it when one of the guests gets up to sing.  And the only thing better than karaoke is LIVE karaoke!  We put the lyrics on the screen for you so you can perform with the band.

awards shows

Awards Shows

Why not take your awards show up a notch by having live music stings for all your award winners?  We have the experience to provide you with an Oscar-worthy performance!


Theme Parties

This band is so versatile they can play an entire night of whatever theme you can dream up: Eighties party!  Disco Night!  This possibilities are endless.  Check our song list for details.

Christmas Parties

Celebrate the season with live music!  We can provide the perfect mix of holiday themed DJ music before the band kicks off the party. 


This band is a real crowd pleaser with any audience.  The band excels in a wide range of genres making them the perfect fit for your music festival.


Solos, Duos, Trios

In addition to our band, we also enliven many events by providing smaller ensembles during cocktails and dinner.  In some cases we can even provide a smaller combo for your entire event – check with us!

Dock Parties

Why not bring the party right to your dock?  Summertime is a great time to have the band perform up north.  Everyone will enjoy a magical night dancing to their fave summer tunes!

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Happy Clients

Perhaps our best advertising is what our clients have to say about the band.

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“I want to express my sincere thanks for your performance at the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration in Hamilton. The event was a great success and we have received numerous positive comments from many of the guests who attended the celebration. The band’s performance was an important part of this milestone event which celebrated 50 years of Her Majesty’s reign as Queen of Canada. Again, please accept my thanks and appreciation for having participated. I invite you to extend my thanks to all members of your group and offer you my best wishes for success in your future endeavours. Yours Sincerely,” – Sheila Copps (Former) Minister of Canadian Heritage

Hockey Hall of Fame from website

“We thank you very much for your extraordinary performance at the NAYDO (North American YMCA Development Organization) Annual Conference at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Your astonishing artistic talents amazed more than 700 individuals including delegates, speakers and sponsors from across North America. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. You helped us to provide the delegates with some unforgettable memories from our city. Your involvement made this conference a huge success. Thank you for making a difference. Yours truly,” – Tom Horlor, Chair; Sumi Prabaharan, Co-Chair

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

“I just thought I would take a moment to thank you for making Amy’s High School Graduation such a success. We saw you at a wedding last September and were extremely impressed by your band’s performance and told Amy, who thought you would be great for her grad. Amy said you were incredible!!! Congratulations to you and your band for making such an important night for a group of teenagers so memorable!!  Thank you very much,” – Jody and Jim

A few more testimonials from our clients.

“Thank you for making our annual Christmas Party a huge success. Your music selection was outstanding, and appealed to a variety of different tastes and ages. The band had excellent stage presence, and kept the crowd dancing all night long. We received fantastic reviews from everyone in attendance and requests to have you play at our future parties and client events.  I will also make it a point to personally recommend you to other Investors Group offices in the Toronto area.  Thank you again, we look forward to seeing you at our next big party!” – Bill Charles, Regional Director, Investors Group

“Everyone had a fantastic time last night at Branksome’s 100th Birthday. Thank you very much for the great music, you were all perfect – and we would not ask for anything different.  Dave, you are a true pleasure to do business with, you are extremely organized, reliable, professional and prepared – I have no doubts about recommending you to anyone! You made my job as entertainment organizer easy. I look forward to listening to you again soon. Thank you for making the event complete last night.  Take care,” – Susan McKenna, Event Coordinator – Branksome Hall 100th Anniversary Committee

“We just wanted to commend you and your band with regards to your performance Saturday night. You guys were great. The selection of songs you chose satisfied all – from young to “old.” We must tell you that EVERYONE had a blast, and really enjoyed you guys. The response to you and your band was overwhelming… you certainly have a wonderful talent for music and for people. Thank you so very much for all your hard work! We’ll definitely be in touch for our next event.  Take care,” – Melissa Machan and Deborah Mates, Make a Wish Foundation

“Thanks for playing at our Christmas Holiday Party. I cannot express to you the impact your band had on our staff and guests enjoying the evening. I received nothing but positive feedback on how impressed the staff were with you. Your band’s ability to play a wide variety of music matching our diversified staff’s tastes made the night a success. Also, your sense of humour added to the evening’s fun. Thanks again Dave.  Sincerely,” – Laura Byng, Crossey Engineering

“Thank you so much!! You guys were fantastic and the event was a great success due to the great music. You received positive comments all night long and, on Sunday morning, you were given a round of applause by the delegates for the great music you provided. You did a great job and the crowd really enjoyed it. We plan many events throughout the year and will keep you in mind for our next big YMCA event.” – Franca Johnston, YMCA Canada

“As per usual…Dave Murphy Band rocked the house. Always a crowd pleaser…had many compliments on your band.  Thanks for everything again. We have had nightmares dealing with some of our previous entertainers (crazy contracts, high maintenance, zero flexibility). You have been the exception. Always a pleasure to deal with, very accommodating, well priced… and the big bonus….Always a dynamic performance that keeps our crowd buzzing and makes the organizers of our event look like heroes.  Thanks again Dave, Hope to hear you again soon, and hope we can utilize you in the future.” – Vince Langdon, Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association President

“On behalf of Pratt & Whitney Canada, I would like to thank you so much for your GREAT and entertaining performance. As usual it was exceptional. Your ability to adapt to the crowd and keep 90% (the remaining 10% were taking smoke or drink breaks) of the audience on the dance floor for 100% of your performance really sets you and your band among the very best around. I am sure we will be keeping in touch for any future engagements. Please extend our warmest appreciation to the rest of the members of your band.” – Sajan K, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Operations Program Management

“I feel as if a storm has just blown over, perhaps even a hurricane. We were all running around trying to hold down the property, and suddenly it is quiet and still. Well, almost quiet. There is an echo of screams of disbelief and recognition, of laughter, all set to music, your music and ours. You and your band played our music, and made us feel like a bunch of teenagers again. Music somehow does that, going straight to the emotions. You turned back the years with wonderful success. Thank you Dave for being such a big part of our celebration, for playing the sound-track for our 75th anniversary reunion. You guys did a wonderful job, and we are all of us most appreciative.  Thank you Dave Murphy and Band, Sincerely,” – Iain K. Campbell, Chair, Etobicoke Collegiate Institute Anniversary Committee

“I wanted to thank you and your band for the amazing show you did for our Christmas party… Alias / Wavefront is a company that appreciates, if not demands the best of everything and it doesn’t stop at music – we love great music! Your band was exactly what we needed to make our party a success. Everyone here has been buzzing about how much they enjoyed the music you played and the enthusiastic energy you guys exude when playing. People boogied all night!  Dave, I’d like to thank you personally for the professionalism you showed in helping arrange the event. I know I called you many times to get your feedback and I appreciate your patience and the personal way in which you deal with people.  Thanks again for a wonderfully entertaining night… it was a pleasure working with you.” – Melanie Riswick, Alias / Wavefront, Human Resources

“On behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Cambridge, thanks for an outstanding performance at our annual Kiwanis Lobsterfest. Your entertainment talents were warmly received by our dinner guests and many of them asked us to pass along their compliments and thanks. Our guests formed a diverse crowd and your music selections were well balanced. More importantly, the music was performed flawlessly with true ENERGY! The guests came to dance and they liked what they heard!  We also appreciated your efforts to keep us informed in the days leading up to our event. As a group of volunteers keenly interested in satisfying our guests, your professional approach to all aspects of your business was obvious and most helpful. Once again thanks to you and the band for a job well done.” – Dave Thomas, Kiwanis Lobsterfest Chairman

“Please let us say thank you to you for making Benjamin’s Bar Mitzvah party a most memorable one. My wife and I had a wonderful time, and we know that our guests enjoyed themselves as well. A large part of the success of the evening was having you and your band providing the entertainment. You guys were fabulous and the talk of the party! Thanks for putting up with our requests and particular tastes, but you guys really hit the nail on the head with your choices. For me, it was particularly special to share the dance floor with my family and friends. Thanks for going the extra mile and being as enthusiastic at the end as you were at the beginning, and I want to wish you success in all that you take on in the future.” – Les (and Benjamin)

“I wanted to THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the amazing show you put on for Trinity College’s Conversat formal. Everyone said that it was the best “Conversat” ever. They loved the music and how versatile your band is (Eminem to Sinatra)! Again, thank you so much!” – Laryssa W., Conversat Committee Chair

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Meet the band!

Our six piece line up complete with horns. From the left it’s Dan, Tony, Dave, Mike, Peter and Jim.

With the Late, Great Jeff Healey

Dave and Dan recorded and toured worldwide with Jeff during the last five years of his tragically short life.

First Dance

At The Old Mill in Toronto. The band performs over 50 weddings every year.

Nobody plays it like Jimmy!

Up close and personal with our fabulous sax man Jim Lawlis live at The Orbit Room.

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