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Have a look below to meet all the musicians in the Dave Murphy Band!

We offer a variety of band sizes. This is our six piece band! From the left it's Dan, Tony, Dave, Mike, Peter and Jim.

Bandleader and keyboardist Dave Murphy is also the lead vocalist and primary coordinator of fun times for everyone!

Our incredible guitarist Dan Noordermeer is a master of all styles and has performed with the band virtually since its inception.

Dan with his trusty Fender Stratocaster in hand. Dan originally hails from Chatham Ontario.

Our fabulous bass player Peter Murray joined the band in 2009.

Like all our musicians Peter brings an incredible music history and ability to the band.
For full details on Peter's expansive expertise please visit his personal website.

The incomparable Jim Lawis on saxophone. Jim has performed with the band for over a decade.

Jim likes to get intimate and interactive with guests, utilizing the entire dancefloor space when blowing his sax!

Our drummer Mike Barrington is a total pro who can switch effortlessly between all styles and genres.

Mike enjoying himself in his office behind the drums. Mike has been with the band since 2009.

Our trumpet player Paul Mitchell in a very rare moment of seriousness!
Paul is a fantastic musician, a crowd favourite, and a seriously fun guy.

Paul Mitchell doing what he does best! Paul has performed with the band for well over a decade.

Tony Carlucci is an absolute powerhouse on the trumpet.
Like his bandmates Tony is a fantastically proficient and well rounded musician.

Tony mesmerizes audiences on the trumpet. Tony is also the band leader of the incredible Chicago tribute band Brass Transit.

It's truly my privilege and honour to perform full time with such an incredible group of musicians.
Collectively we look forward to providing a night of wonderful music for every occasion!

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