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Yes, I admit it: I am an internet junkie. I find it useful for almost everything I do, and I've included a wealth of links I find handy below. Check one of these titles to get to the topic of your interest:

At the very bottom of the page, fellow musicians will find some links and copies of emails that will appeal both to their specific interests and their twisted senses of humour!


Everyone's search engine of choice these days, and for good reason.

Canada 411
Way faster then looking through a massive phone book. Gives mailing addresses too.

Yellow Pages
The yellow pages on the net. Handy features include a map for every listing.

Postal Code Lookup
Gives me a postal code when I only have a street address.

Canada Reverse Lookup
Will give you a name and address from just a phone number, amongst other things.

Use this site to create a map for any place you want to get to.

Driving Directions to Anywhere
This handy page will give you great directions to any destination.

This site has dictionaries, encyclopedias and every other reference book on one page.

The Reference Desk
More links to every type of reference site than you can imagine!

Official U.S. Time
A handy site if you want to make sure your clocks are correctly set.

Internet Movie Data Base
Lots of Information about pretty much every movie ever made.

Rotten Tomatoes
Before going to see a movie I've never heard of I like to read about it here.

Local Reference

Now Magazine
A great resource for information about Toronto nightlife, restaurants, movies and clubs.

Eye Magazine
Along with Now this is the other weekly alternative Toronto newspaper

Airport Information
This site is really handy if you're flying somewhere or picking someone up.

Toronto Links Page
Quite an extensive list of various handy links related to Toronto.

Local Music Reference

Long and McQuade
The best music store in Toronto by a long shot, in my opinion.

Publisher Gary 17 provides a valuable service by covering the GTA club scene.

Toronto Downtown Jazz
Contains lots of information about the local jazz scene.

Toronto Blues Society
Covering the local blues scene, this site includes a great page of club listings

Jazz in Toronto
Another jazz resource with extensive information on local clubs.

Eye Club Chart
Handy page to see who's playing around town on any given night.


Ultimate Band List
Usually the first place I go when I'm looking for information about a band.

Lyric Search Engines
You are almost guaranteed to find the lyrics you seek using this resource.

Long and McQuade
My favorite music store.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland's Rock Hall of Fame is a great place to see, but you can also visit online.


Wedding Bells Magazine
There are many wedding sites online that can help couples get organized.

Frugal Bride
This great Canadian website will help you plan your wedding and save money.

Toronto Wedding Essentials
Toronto based sites like this one can hook you up with local services and vendors.

Wedding Links Galore
This site bills itself as "The Ultimate Wedding Search Engine." Very useful.

General Interest

Every great TV advertisement and more can be seen here. Why wait watching TV?

Quotation Center: Music Quotes
The net is a reference for everything. This page has music quotes (see Frank Zappa!).


Pretty much every magazine on the newsstand can be read for free on the net.

Indeed, there are some magazines that only publish on the net. This is my favorite.

Sports Illustrated
One of many sources for instant online sports scores and stories.

The Onion
A great source of news from a slightly different perspective.

The Globe and Mail
All the various Canadian dailies can be read on the net.

The New York Times
Internet greatness: search for your subject; instant story; no cost; no five pound paper.

Computer / Internet

Internet Hoaxes and Urban Legends
The next time you get a chain email, read about it here before sending it to everyone.

Apple Computers
We Apple users are the last bastion of hope against world domination by Bill Gates!

Version Tracker
A great place to get scads of free software programs and updates for your Macintosh.

Of Interest to Fellow Musicians Only

Courtney Love Rant
Read Courtney's famous diatribe railing against record companies in the digital age.

The Heavenly Jukebox
If you liked the Courtney rant, you will enjoy this well argued (and edited!) essay.

Having trouble naming your band? This page will instantly provide something very unique.

Musician Causes of Death
Read about the various occupational hazards of our glorious profession.

Riders of the Stars
Read about the whacky dressing room requirements for today's hottest artists!

The Problem With Music
Steve Albini's famous essay explains why working at 7-11 beats having a record deal.

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome
Can't decide which of your 14 Les Pauls to use on your next gig? Read this.

Air Guitar Instructional Page
Even people with no musical experience or talent can learn to play air guitar!

My Buddy: A Four Act Passion Play
An audio play based on the tyrannical ravings of Buddy Rich. Frightening, but funny.

So you want to be a Rockstar?
Candid analysis about why every member of your band will eventually drive you nuts!

Da Dave Murphy Band
View the magic of "the Chretienizer" - modifies text into neither official language.

Emails of Interest to Fellow Musicians Only

Pat Metheny on Kenny G

Prince on the Music Business in the Digital Age

Bass Player Fine List

Drummer Jokes

The Bassist by Tony Levin

Difficult Weddings

Kenny G Review: The Milquetoast Maestro

Band Rules for the 21st Century

Biblical Origins of the Jobbing Band

Worst Indie Band Names

And God Created Sidemen

How To Sing The Blues

Steely Dan Grammy Protest

Dennis Miller Rant on the Music Industry

Murderers of Art!

If you have any websites or emails that are of interest, please send them to me.
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