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We have had the good fortune of playing together with some fantastic musicians over the years. Meet some of them below!

Our very good friend Sean's hair is much bigger now. But he is still great!

No one will ever forget Piero Tucci abilities to perform (simultaneously!)
on alto sax and keyboards. Piero now resides in England.

Bassist Steve Pelletier went on to join Colin James' band amongst many others.

Fab sax player Mark Armstrong relocated to Indianapolis.
Always great to see him when he's in town.

The original "Dan the Man"!!
So many happy memories of our original drummer Dan Lockwood.

Drummer Chris Sutherland went on to play with countless bands including the incredible Kim Mitchell.

Where would we be without our great friend and bassist Chris Bruce?!
Chris is still rocking out on the bass when not overseeing his internet empire at iDextrus.

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