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Suits and Cigars
Beauty in the End
Too Drunk to Funk
The Right Place
Same Old Town
I An An Island
Take Me Home
Who It Was
Find Out For Yourself
Die With A Bottle
Suits And Cigars

Park it right out front
I give the man the keys, and everybody sees
Me breeze past the line
They're all standing but my table's set aside
Watch me cruise right in
They know who I am, they're glad I'm back again
Let the games begin
Stand back and watch me win

She's the room's desire, and every man
Sees her serve me as sweet as she can
She comes to kiss me, she pours my Remy
I think she likes me but she's holding out her hand

I've got my suit, cigar, my cellular telephone
I hope somebody calls me so I'll look good standing all alone
I've got loot to spend, can I pay you to pretend
That you'd do anything to please a fine distinguished gentleman
A fine distinguished gentleman...

I'm spending by the 'G'
I scout a fantasy, right in front of me
Make sure that she sees
The cool threads and the fine jewelry
Feed her all my lines
Wash them down with a nice glass of wine
If I feed her one more time I'll know for sure she's mine

She's beyond your means, and every man
Only dreams of the things I've got planned
They watch her touch me, she's got my room key
I think she likes me but she's holding out her hand

I've got my suit, cigar, my cellular telephone
A beauty on my arm yeah she's a statue made of silicone
With your sweet sexy smile, don't you want a man with style?
She'll do anything you want but only for a little while
Only for a little while...


Beauty In The End

It's all destroyed, nothing remains
I'm asking god what is the purpose in the pain
Amidst the ruins, the reason why
A tiny flower grows and reaches to the sky
It grows from what has died

All alone, I cry your name
I wonder how I'll ever love again
But all alone, is all I am
If I can love this world alone I will begin
To learn to love again

There's always something beautiful
There's always so much beauty in the end
I'm seeing like I've never seen
I'm going where I've never been
There's always so much beauty in the end

I need my hunger, I want my pain
I'm laughing in the darkness and the rain
The hurt will heal, the world will warm
And all the birds will sing a song after the storm
The same eternal song


Too Drunk To Funk

Baby had me over so we could have a time
Listen to funky music, and drink a little wine
Things were going so good, I had to have some more
And when she wanted to get down, I couldn't get up off the floor

You know I wanna, but I'm too drunk to funk
You know I wanna, but I'm too drunk to funk

Baby wasn't happy to see me on the ground
She kept right on dancing to that funky sound
Funky records spinning, the room was spinning round
I tried so hard to get up, but I kept falling down

Funky bass is thumping, baby wants to groove
Funky organ pumping, but I couldn't even move
Funky drummer beating, baby wants to shake
Guitar keeps repeating, but I couldn't stay awake
What a mistake!


The Right Place

Welcome to the coolest club in town
We got everybody coming from miles around
It ain't the latest trend, there's no gimmicks or tricks
Just a red-hot band with a bag full of licks
The music don't satisfy every taste
But if you want to hear blues--you're in the right place

We ain't got no kids diving into the crowd
There ain't no old ladies saying "it's too damn loud"
We ain't got no slobs who come to watch the game
We ain't got no snobs who only want to complain
There's not much chance you'll get a punch in the face
But if you want to hear blues--you're in the right place

There's no conversation, wine on ice
No romantic music or candlelight
We don't take reservations, there's no maitre d'
We ain't got cappuccino, espresso or tea
We got tasty soul, it don't come on a plate
But if you want to hear blues--you're in the right place

There's no inhibitions, leave your worries behind
There ain't no doubt you're gonna have a good time
With a rocking band and a packed dance floor
And a crowd full of people all begging for more
You can stay all night if you can keep up the pace
And if you want to hear blues--you're in the right place


Same Old Town

Looking back as I leave another town
I hope a ride is coming soon
I look ahead, and dream someday I'll settle down
But my dream always gets ruined
But this time I've got a plan
Yes I'm gonna be a new man
'Cause I don't wanna have to say, again...

It's the same old women, the same old towns
Same old problems keep dragging me down
It just don't seem like I can get away
No matter where I go it always turns out the same

I always thought of how my life would be so different
If I could only start again
So I ran away, so sure that everyone would love me
But they just treated me the same
But I knew it'd be tough
And I wasn't giving up
I just wasn't far away enough

And when I lie in bed I leave my TV on
So I won't think about how everything's gone wrong
And how my luck don't change, no matter where I stray
But this ain't my fault, no way

She's left a note, it says I want you gone forever
So just take all your things and go
So I hit the road, at times like this it seems I'll never
Find a place that I'll call home
But there must be a place
Where my life won't be a waste
I've got to find it 'cause I just can't face...


I Am An Island

The peace is perfect in my home
It's where I rule this world alone
Ain't got no famine, crimes or wars
I've got thick walls and locking doors

I do my business on the phone
I screen my calls like I'm not home
I get the messages you send
I'll leave a message when I can

I am an island
I am an island...

I've got trees on my TV
All my friends are on TV
I have sex with my TV
I touch god on my TV

I play games with my machine
I talk to people on the screen
The people come and go
But the machine does what it's told


Take Me Home

Freaking out on a Friday night
The crowd was loose and the groove was tight
I'm checking out all the beauty in the house
She turned around and then she turned me inside out

I took a good look and I just about lost my mind
I had to take it easy just take one step at a time, I said
Can I take you out or maybe take you for a ride?
Just take a chance with me I might take you by surprise

She told me I could take her number
But I told her that it wouldn't do
Just take me home with you

She looked my way and my hopes were soaring high
She looked away and then they crashed down from the sky
She looked so good, I'd do anything it took
And then she smiled because she knew she had me hooked

Make no mistake
There's no doubting I'm the man for you
Just take me home with you


Who It Was

Just to be loved by someone
It didn't matter who it was
Just to be loved by someone
Just to believe in someone
It didn't matter who it was
Just to believe in someone

Rolling down the road without a clue
I had no idea where I was going to
Every turn I saw I'd pull aside
You could jump right in if you needed a ride

And here's who it was:
Whoever was first, whatever was easy
Whoever was there, whatever came to me
Whoever was first, whoever was easy

Some jobs and women came and went
I paid my bills and made my rent on time
Just doing fine...
Now the years and money have been spent
And looking back, I only killed the time
I killed the time

Just to hold on to someone
Just to belong to someone
Just to be anywhere, to have you there
Do anything but find out who I am


Find Out For Yourself

Well I guess you heard the rumour going 'round this town
One of my so-called friends is trying to cut me down
Do yourself a favour before you think it's true
Look into his eyes and tell me what he wants from you

You've got to find out for yourself
Don't talk to no one else

It takes a lot of time to earn a woman's trust
Someone else's lying shouldn't turn it into dust
Baby you should know that you can't believe a man
Who says that you can trust him while he's burning his best friend

Baby don't you judge me 'cause of something that you heard
Don't make no decisions based on someone else's word
Talking is always easy when there's something you ain't got
I ain't saying nothing, and that really says a lot


Die With A Bottle

Wake up in pain
My clothes and the lights are still on
Try to figure out how in the world I got here
But the memory is gone
Got to get me a drink of something
To make this hurt go away
I know that everything will be just worse tomorrow
But I got to make through today

And I just can't stop
No I just can't stop
And I know what I'm doing
Yes I understand
When you're on this road I'm traveling on
There's only one place that it ends
I'm gonna die with a bottle in my hand

Now the only thing that can stop me
Is when the barman says last call
And the only time I feel good
Is when I can't feel at all
I've lost everything but my life
And it's just hanging by a string
Every time I look in the mirror
I know that I'm dying for a drink

If only my father could see me
I could just picture the look on his face
He'd say boy how could you take so much promise
And wind up to be such a disgrace
He always said keep away from the bottle
And I know he'd be so upset
That I'm just like him now, my glass is empty
But my life is full of regret


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