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Right This Moment
Waking Up the Dead
It's Only Money
How've You Been
Lose Your Mind
Sure Thing
Fast Twitch Blues
Drano For Your Soul
Bacchanalian Boomerang
Lying There
Let's Play Outside
Just one More
One Million Bands
Stranded on the Mainland
The Way It Goes
Right This Moment

Right this moment
Is all that’s really mine
Right this moment
Happens to me every time
Right this moment
You know it means so much to be
Right this moment’s
The only place I’ll ever be

Right this moment
I’m just gonna have some fun
Right this moment
I can’t tell you what’s to come
Right this moment
I can’t think about the past
Right this moment
I gotta make the moment last

Just forget all your problems
And your problems all go away
Who cares ‘bout tomorrow
I'm feeling too good today

Right this moment
I'm giving all I got
Right this moment
'Cause I won't get another shot
Right this moment
I'm just looking at the light
Right this moment
All the world is shining bright

Right this moment
I’ve got everything I need
Right this moment
I’m everything I wanna be
Right this moment
We're gonna take it to the top
Right this moment
Is never gonna stop

Right this moment
Give thanks for all you see
Right this moment
‘Cause it’s the best it's gonna be
Right this moment
I could never ask for more
Right this moment
Is all I'm living for

Right This Moment


Waking Up The Dead

Here comes the stone procession
Crawling from the street
Working all week long
Until the world has got them beat
They get here in a coma
And our mission is to get them on their feet

This is how we make our daily bread
We’re just waking up the dead

There sit the TV mothers
Smoking up a storm
With bodies shaped by couches
And their channel fingers worn
It seems they’ll never move
But by midnight they’re all shaking on the floor

This is how we make our daily bread
We’re just waking up the dead

The blues will speed the healing
The groove will ease the pain
Just when you think they’re dead and gone
They come to life again, and again, and again....

There sits the undertaker
The owner of the place
His nothing-makes-me-happy scowl
Is welded to his face
It seems he’ll never smile
But we crack him when we shift to hyperspace

This is how we make our daily bread
We’re just waking up the dead


It's Only Money

I wanna try it
I gotta buy it
I got an urge and I can’t deny it

I gotta get it
I need credit
Just give it to me before I regret it

It’s just a wad in my wallet and it’s weighing me down
I’m gonna splash my cash baby all over town

I wanna use it
Gonna abuse it
I’ll get another one when I lose it

I really crave it
I can’t save it
I need it now and I can’t delay it

It’s just an old pile of paper with some dead guy’s frown
I’m gonna blow my dough baby all over town

It’s only money (spend it spend it)
It’s only money (spend it spend it)

You can’t live it up without laying it down
You gotta spread your bread to make the world go round

I really want it
I’m getting on it
Just take the last thing I got and pawn it

I really love it
I really covet
Whatever you got I want more of it

It’s just a wad in my wallet and it’s weighing me down
I’m gonna blow my dough baby all over town

It’s only money, it’s only money... who cares it’s only money,
Just spend it and spend it and spend it... who cares?
We’ll get some more... we’ll just...
Like we’ll go to one of those bank machines and we’ll do something
Look at me I could use some money
I can’t save it, I really crave it
Ohhh it’s only money, it’s only money
Come on lay some of those big greenbacks on me
If you know what I’m talking about
Maybe now maybe later
But I gotta spend it right now if you know what I’m saying


How’ve You Been

I thought I saw you just the other day
I got so nervous wondering what would I say
You know I’d try to be formal
But those old feelings still feel the same

I’d like to know just how you’re doing with him
And if you ever think ‘bout being together again
I can’t ask we’re just friends now
So baby just tell me please
How’ve you been
How’ve you been

I know I hurt you when things fell apart
But you found someone new baby it broke my heart
That you got a new start
With a better man than me

I’ve been looking but I’m still on my own
Still dreaming ‘bout you while I’m sleeping alone
Still hoping you’ll phone me
And end these terrible dreams
And say how’ve you been
I wanna tell you how I’ve been

So much I’ve wanted to say for so long
I said it was over, but I was so wrong
Because once you were gone baby
My love never felt so strong

I thought I saw you just the other day
I turned around baby I walked away
What’s the point of me showing my pain
Or me seeing your beautiful face
I’m stuck with a memory, ‘til somebody tells me
How’ve you been
All I want to know is how’ve you been
Please tell me how you been
Somebody please tell me how she’s been


Lose Your Mind

When it won’t work out
No matter how hard you’re trying
You want the good life
But you feel like you’re dying
I think there’s something you’re denying

You gotta let it go
You’ll never really know
You gotta lose control
If you wanna free your soul

Just cross that line
Why don’t you lose your mind
Yeah you’ll see it when you’re blind
If you can lose your mind

When your heart just whispers
That it knows what to do
But your brain keeps screaming
So that nothing gets through
I think the choice is up to you

Just cross that line
Why don’t you lose your mind
Yeah you’ll see it when you’re blind
You’ll wanna lose your mind

When you’re up all night
Just searching for a solution
Your head is spinning
Like a ball of confusion
I think there’s only one conclusion

Just cross that line
Why don’t you lose your mind
Yeah you’ll see it when you’re blind
You’ll wanna lose your mind
You know you gotta quit trying
It’s time to lose your mind
Yeah it happens all the time
Come on and lose your mind


Sure Thing

I’m not what you wanted baby
I’m just all you could get
You needed a sure thing just to
Try to help you forget

The guy that you really wanted
He just couldn’t be had
But now you feel so much better
‘Cause I want you so bad

I ain’t nothing more than your sure thing

You kept me 'round waiting for you
For so many years
Then one day you finally show up
With your troubles and tears

Your heart was on empty baby
And I gave you my love
I tried to be what you wanted
But it's never enough

I ain’t nothing more than your sure thing

I know you want someone better
My love isn't blind
But I know you’ll be lonely forever
Looking for love that you'll never find

You know I’m your prisoner baby
And I’ll never be free
You’re only sure ‘bout your sure thing
Makes it so hard to leave

You’ll use up what’s left of me baby
Put my love in a drawer
You’ll know that your sure thing’s handy
Once you’re ready for more

Until then I’ll be right here, sure thing


Fast Twitch Blues

I don’t wanna try to change the world
I don’t wanna talk about my old girl
I can’t explain the meaning of love
I can’t figure out the lord above
But I don’t need a reason to sing the song
It’s just a whole lot of nothing but it turns me on


Drano For Your Soul

Are you up for a dose
Of the most cool thing around?
It rattles your brain, kills your pain
And knocks you down
All of the mold from your soul
Will be on the ground

You gotta go down into town
To find the stuff
Look for the man with a can
And a rubber glove
Gonna clean out the hole to your soul
Once you get enough... oh yeah you’ll really want some

Drano for your soul

It cures all your ills pays your bills
And solves the crime
Be king of the world, get the girl
Each and every time
It’s great in the sack, rubs your back
And blows your mind
It’s time to open wide, you’ll really need some

Drano for your soul


Bacchanalian Boomerang

Here’s looking at you
I know you’re looking at me
We’re both looking to make sure nobody sees
‘Cause you’re sitting with him
And I’m sitting with her
I hope I’m not around if either of them learns

That my longing’s getting longer, my desire’s getting strong
And it’s getting even stronger ‘cause the reasons are so wrong
My will is getting weaker as we’re sliding into bliss
And I feel somebody’s leg but I just don’t know whose it is

I was safe at home, wish I’d never heard the call
Now the guns are aimed, and my back’s against the wall
I’ve tied my rope, and my head is gonna hang
Don’t you know it’s just another bacchanalian boomerang

I know I really should go
Because you want me to stay
But it’s hopeless when the spirits have their say
They’re telling me what I want
They’ve got to have it today
But they never tell my how I’m gonna pay

My caution starts to crumble when she asks me what I think
I’ve got so much stuff to say I know I shouldn’t say a thing
‘Cause once my lips are loose I know my ship will always sink
My last words are always famous just get me another drink


Lying There

Suddenly... at first I couldn’t see
Your silent seed is taking over me
Young and yearning, they tried to shine so bright
The glare was blinding, next to your perfect light

Strung out on a perfect face
I dream we’re a perfect pair
But it’s all just another waste
When I see her lying there

Underneath, her flowing elegance
Just beneath, her seeming innocence
A glimpse of ink, engraved upon her skin
A hoop of steel, is going to do me in

Strung out on a perfect face
I dream we’re the perfect pair
But it gives me a bitter taste
Just to see her lying there

Kill my vision and free my soul

Strung out on a perfect face
I dream of a perfect soul
And I’d throw all my love away
For a love that I’ll never know
She lures me like no one else
Because she doesn’t even care
In the end I’m all by myself
When I see her lying there


Let's Play Outside

We were sitting at home
When the sun knocked on the door
He stood there beaming
What are you inside for?
Come with me
Try a change of scenery
It feels so good
Because it’s how meant to be
Meant to be, for you and me

Let’s play outside
‘Cause nature is calling
I wanna try
Everything under the sun
Let’s play outside
Let’s get natural darling
Just you and I
Having fun being one

We were watching TV
When we got a call from the moon
He said come outside
Into your brand new bedroom
Trees for walls
And a sky for a ceiling
The wind on your skin
Is gonna make love feel so strong
Feel so strong, so come along


Just One More

I was out with my baby
Drinking bourbon straight
The girl was so hot
She just couldn’t wait

I told her just one more (just one more)
Just one more
Just one more and I’ll do anything you want

I was shooting some pool
And I was on a roll
She said sink the balls
So you can take me home

I was having a beer and
And my baby said please
Put it down
And put your lips on me

We were closing down
Every single joint in town
She said let’s go home
So we can fool around

When we finally got home
She made me feel so nice
Once ain’t enough
I need her loving twice


One Million Bands

One million bands all on the doorstep of fame
We’ve got what it takes so don’t forget our name
Our buddy’s cousin works in A and R
He’s heard the new single says we’re gonna go far, here we go

One million bands are postered on the wall
There’s one million clubs so you can see them all
You can’t classify us ‘cause our sound’s so unique
Motorhead metal with a reggae beat, here we go

And nobody’s listening anyway
Who care’s if we make it let’s just play
Let’s just play

One million bands all got an indie CD
We can’t make a living ‘cause we’re playing for free
Our brand new record is by far our best
Just buy the latest you can throw out the rest

One million bands
Got one million plans
For one million fans
With one million amps


Stranded on the Mainland

All the happy couples hide at home
While the broken souls hang out at night
Alone... together
While the lovers swear they’ll never
Join that empty world outside
Where there’s nothing but the fools they left behind

I’m not a father, not a couple
Ain’t got no home sweet home
Ain’t nobody’s lover or a friend
I’m just stranded on the mainland
Saying I love to be alone
I say it over and over again

There’s no smiling portraits on these walls
There’s no colour in this place at all
Just a mattress on the floor
And a suitcase by the door
Full of memories I can’t take
But they’re all that’s left that I can’t throw away

In their children’s eyes they see themselves
In my mirror I see no one else
But a face that will be gone
While their love continues on
Growing long after they die
I just watch the train roll off and wave goodbye


The Way It Goes

Every time it always ends
All your lovers and your friends
All fade off down their own separate roads
That’s the way it’s gotta be
That’s the way it goes


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