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The Dave Murphy Band has released two independent CDs of all original material.

In 1996 we released our first disc, entitled "Waiting for Dave."

In 1998 we released our second disc, entitled "Mysterious Juice."

You can hear and download any of our originals songs in their entirety in our MP3 section, and we also have pages containing lyrics and ordering information.

Although the band never plays original material at weddings or special events, unless requested, it is quite common for the band to play the occasional original song at their nightclub engagements.

Over the years, the band has played extensive original sets when opening for the likes of the Bare Naked Ladies, Jeff Healey and James Brown. The band also enjoys playing entire sets of their own tunes at clubs with an original music format, such as C'est What in Toronto and The Hudson in Hamilton.

Whether it be a nightclub, opening for other artists, festivals or any other event, the band is always happy to perform its own original music. For more information contact Dave Murphy at (905) 845-7444 or email
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